Top 10 shoes men should own

If you feel like you don’t know what kind of footwear to rock with your jeans and casual pants, or you realise that the shoes you have will not go well with your new clothes, this is made for you. As we said before, we should build a very nice looking wardrobe by putting essentials into it. And when I’m talking about these, I mean hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, anything. We need to wear these not only because they look good, but also because they fit almost any type of outfit. So without further to do, these are 10 great looking classics.

1.Vans Old Skool

Old Skools were actually made for skating, and this is an important characteristic because it lets you know that they are very durable. The black and white colorway will never go out of style and it will always fit well with your jeans, no matter what colour they are.

2.White leather sneakers

These are the most essential in your wardrobe. If you want to build a good looking free fashion store in your closet, trust me, these should not be missing. They will go best with a white top, but full white shoes will fit almost anything. As an example of a good pair of white shoes, I am going to say that Stan Smith’s are the best in this category.

For dress shoes, we should go for

3.Double monk shoes

Whether you’ll be wearing a classy outfit for an event, or this is how you usually dress, these are one of the best choices. They are very comfortable and they’re also made to be wore in the summer with skinny jeans.

4.Penny loafers

Penny loafers are the most popular summer option for dress shoes. Their perfect match are casual shorts and a stylish shirt.

5.White midsole shoes

Even though these are also wore with jeans and t shirts, because they can obviously go well with almost anything, white midsole shoes are a very good choice when it comes to suits or any other classy outfits.

If you’re more into streetwear, here are the best sneakers for you

6.Air Jordan Retro 1’s

For me, Jordan Retro’s are by far the best streetwear sneaker collection. I have picked the 1 as being a good option because they are not too baggy and heavy. There are also really cheap versions of Air Jordan 1’s, but the best colorways are are those that are hard to find. And when you find them, they probably go for $200+.

7.Nike Air Force 1’s

Another good pick for streetwear shoes are the low AF1’s. These are really well constructed and the full black or full white ones are a must for a streetwear passionate.

8.Chelsea boots

Wether they are suede or leather, chelsea boots are always bringing a touch of style into your outfit. They are mostly used with skinny jeans and that’s what I would also recommend to wear when you want to take them out. Also don’t be afraid to wear a good pair of chelsea’s in the cold season or leather boots when it’s raining.

9.Chukka boots

Being also a must in a man’s wardrobe, chukka boots will never never go out of style and they fit really well with almost any type of jeans we would wear. They are perfect for spring and autumn.

10.Dr. Martens boots

If you ever want a good pair of boots that are stylish and you don’t want them to look like they’re totally out of your story when you put them in your feet, these boots are a must. There’s especially one type of dr. martens that fits any pair of jeans and they are the black 1460’s!